Build a community

Build a community

Building a healthy community can lead to a zealous fan base and long-term audience growth. Finding authentic ways to connect with your viewers on and off YouTube can be easy to do and can yield fantastic results.

The YouTube platform provides a unique experience for both creators and viewers alike, one that is social with lots of interactive tools baked right in. As a creator, you can encourage engagement around your channel and also interact directly with your viewers. The benefits of doing so are numerous. First, interacting with your audience and turning them into an engaged community is one of the easiest ways to create a social army of promoters. If your fans love what you’re doing and have positive interactions with you, they’re much more likely to share this with other friends— and personal recommendations are the most effective kind! A healthy community can also be a content barometer or focus group for you. If your viewers are coming back regularly and begin to feel invested in your channel, they may give you valuable feedback about what you’re doing and what they’d like to see more of.

Community building shouldn’t be a ton of extra work and that is partially because communities form naturally. Communities form around common interests as people are drawn to shared experiences and are eager to connect with others. Marketers and big brands have capitalized on this innate human need to belong and have learned how to use a few simple principles to create zealots for their brand: creation story, creed, leadership, rituals, and language. These principles are also exemplified in many of today’s top YouTube channels.

Drive fan engagement

Savvy creators know that success hinges on a supportive fanbase. Build your diehard community of fans on YouTube.

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